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Murat Mazicioglu is a World-class runner and trainer. He has an extensive educational background in human physiology and physical fitness. He understands people, psychology, and most importantly, the human body. He holds multiple degrees including a Master of Science in Health & Physical Education (Health Promotion Programs) from Virginia Tech.

Murat was a national champion runner whose achievements include winning the 1989 Olympic Athens Marathon and training national teams in Turkey.


Photo by Craig Hutson


A gym or fitness center is a building with exercise equipment. An institution is a place of higher learning, with subject matter experts devoted to education in a specific field of study. Murat’s Institute is just that. Coach Murat is a highly educated and experienced human physiology specialist. He applies scientific principles and analytical skills to focus on each individual and their unique goals. Coach Murat’s results centered approach will help YOU lose weight, reduce pain, restore function, run faster, run farther or reach whatever fitness goal YOU desire. Although Coach Murat incorporates a lot of the same equipment you may have used at a fitness center, this will be a far different experience than you have ever experienced at a gym.


To improve member’s health, fitness, physical abilities, and overall quality of life.


To inspire a paradigm shift where the population fully embraces health and fitness.


Wellness - Social Support - Professionalism –Wholesome delicious food

Murat’s Institute is a place where people meet, make friends, and become part of a very special family.

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