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Restoration of Function-
Reduction of Pain

Americans have come to accept that loss of speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance are a normal part of the aging process. Many people have come to accept that they will live the rest of their lives with pain and reduced abilities to perform normal day-to-day activities. They do not have to and should not accept these things. With proper training and support, almost all of these things can be reversed. Every person who joins Murat's will receive a personalized assessment, personalized goals, and a personalized training program. Members will be part of groups that have similar goals.


The combination of Murat's know-how and the social support of other members with similar goals will drive people to achieve their goals. Assessments every six months will provide a database of successful results. Restoration of full health, improved health and fitness will impact all aspects of members lives. We believe that with the correct training program everyone can live a healthy lifestyle and create and maintain a strong and fit body. Our aim is to help you identify your fitness goals and design an exercise program that fits your needs. Group classes provide social support to meet goals. Our holistic approach to fitness and health will have you feeling great and seeing results.

Our Training Services


This class is designed for runners or those who would like to be runners, who want to improve their aerobic and anaerobic levels with strength and flexibility. It is  individualized to meet personal needs and goals from 100 meter to marathon, for any age group. This class is designed to reduce runners' injuries.

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Functional Fitness

Functional fitness exercises train your muscles to help you do everyday activities safely and efficiently. Our training is a whole body workout. Using various muscles in the upper and lower body at the same time will improve your personal physical abilities and prepare you for a quality life. All fitness levels can join this class.

Also available:

Boot Camp: Interval training, calisthenic exercises, sports-specific drills, agility moves, strength work, flexibility, and more.

STRONG: Increase lean muscle tissue and improve muscular strength and endurance. 

HELL: High level aerobic and anaerobic cardio with strength training. 

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Senior Training

Combine fun, fitness, and music with easy-to-follow low impact cardio, functional resistance training, balance work, and range of motion exercises geared towards the active adult, those new to group fitness, and/or special populations. Heart healthy and gentle on the joints. All ages and fitness levels.

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Youth/Kids Training

Youth/Kids Training
This high-energy interval training class combines athletic aerobic movements with strength, agility, coordination, and stabilization exercises. Our focus is improving youth personal abilities and confidence, with balance,  flexibility, and creating the foundation for specific sports such as soccer, swimming, basketball.
Also available:
Starting Fitness: Beginner friendly, using dumbbells, bars, exercise bands, and benches, our objective is to carry sports and a healthy lifestyle into your whole life.
Pregnancy Training: Exercise during pregnancy and postpartum reduces physical complaints experienced during pregnancy and promotes a more rapid recovery and return to fitness level.
Special Needs: Our tailored programs are designed to not only meet typical exercise goals such as increasing fitness, cardio and strength, building muscle and confidence; but we have also incorporated important coordination exercises like crossing the midline along with necessary fine motor, gross motor and core development exercises.


Pain Reduction

Shoulder-hip-back-core. The Core is a complex series of muscles, extending far beyond your abs, including everything except your arms and legs. It is incorporated in almost every movement of the human body. Many people are not focused on the back and shoulders in training so it creates huge problems for the human body. This class builds strength and flexibility in this muscle group, also improving your cardio and overall strength and life quality. Everyone can join. Trainers can work with individuals to restore full physical function after injuries, surgery, or just cumulative problems caused by disuse (“aging”).  Trainers can work with individuals to reduce chronic pain (lower back, knee, shoulder, neck, etc.)

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Weight Loss

This weight loss workout plan consists of both cardiovascular and strength training. You will burn as many calories as you can and at the same time increase your muscle mass and strength. Programs are created  to meet individual needs with the social support of a class environment. Our training will change both physical and emotional aspects of your life.

Also available:

Diabetic: This class is focused to improve participants' overall cardio level,  strength, flexibility, and quality of life, and reduce risk of health issues.

Happy Heart: This class is designed to improve blood pressure and heart condition.

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Sports Consultation

We want to help and support local or others teams. Our consultation includes creating programs for teams. Our society generally is focused on technical training and neglects foundation training such as aerobic, anaerobic, strength training, flexibility etc. This results in individual injuries and players unable to show their best performance on the field. Incorrect timing of training leads to team losses; correct planning leads to winning. Also we can give foundation training services for teams to make players stronger and faster so they can show best performance using perfect sports technique on the field.


Corporate Fitness Programs

We will create a corporate fitness program to fit a company's size, physical environment and their needs. Our program focused to improved physical abilities, reduce stress, self-confidence for employers, and also reduce health cost, sick leave use for employers. Our training creates strong team environment and improvement quality customer service for employees. We created Henrico county fitness and wellness program, police and fire department programs.

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