Murat's Cafe

A Taste of Home

It’s the perfect “place for weekend brunch, weekday lunch, or anytime coffee, tea, and dessert.

Murat's Cafe

A Taste of Home

Turkish Breakfast

Turkish breakfast centers around sucuk, (a spicy beef sausage), eggs, and simit (Turkish bagel/croissant).

Turkish Breakfast

Turkish breakfast would not be complete without cheeses, olives,  tomatoes, cucumbers, and butter and jams for the breads. Fruits and sweets are also available. Not available for takeout.

Coffees & Teas

Coffee, tea, and conversation is an important part of Turkish culture.  After every meal, throughout the day, and in the evenings, friends and family gather over coffee or tea to share time, to share the thoughts of the day, to share feelings. Murat’s serves traditional Turkish coffee, Turkish tea, herbal teas, and American coffees in a homey atmosphere perfect for socializing. Turkish coffee not available for takeout.

Finest Homemade Desserts

Baklava is the most famous (and most delicious!) Turkish dessert.  But there are many other Turkish desserts including milk desserts, cookies, and other desserts.

Soups and Salads

Turkish salad, bean salads, potato salad, abd bulgur salad are available.
Lentil, ezo gelin (lentil, tomato, onion, bulgur), potato soups.


Customers' choice of cheeses, eggs, sucuk  (spicy beef sausage), tomatoes, cucumbers, and/or pickles on toast or panini-style.

Donate so we can provide a nice, delivered dinner to healthcare workers and their families to show we appreciate and honor their service to us.

Turkish breakfast
Eggs with sucuk (spicy dried beef sausage), simit (sesame bagel), white cheeses, olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, pekmez (molasses from grapes and sesame seed paste), butter and jam.
Turkish tea
black tea (cay)
Turkish Coffee
Murats coffee
American coffee
latte - Nescafe
Herbal tea
Mint or sage
Scrambled eggs with peppers, tomatoes, and onion
Turkish Toast
made with yogurt, egg, cheese, tomatoes, green pepper, and parsley
Breakfast sandwich
Simit (sesame bagel) with feta cheese, egg, and tomatoes
Mineral waters
Lemon, Strawberry, Pomegranate, Peach, Green apple, Natural
Bottled water
Orange, Sour Cherry, Multi-fruit, Apricot, Mandarin, Melon, Forest fruits
Cucumber salad with yogurt
Turkish green salad
Bulgur salad
cracked wheat
Bean salad
Potato salad
dressed with lemon juice and olive oil
Beet salad
with yogurt dressing
Orzo salad
chicken, tomatoes, green onion, roasted red
pepper, corn, pickles, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil
Chicken orzo soup
mushroom soup
(mantar corbasi)
lentil soup
with cumin and hot pepper
Potato soup
Yogurt soup
with mint and orzo
Turkish panini
Cheese with
Sucuk (dried spicy beef sausage), egg, tomatoes, pickles, and/or pepper paste
many varieties
a cake made with orange peel, coconut, and yogurt
shredded filo dough dessert with walnuts
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